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Year 10
Crude Oil…read more

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Formation of oil and gas
1) Layers of 2) Layers of 3) The heat and ________ from
dead sea _____ __________ these rocks, along with the
settle on the rock build up on absence of ______, mean that oil
seabed. top. and gas are formed over ______
of years.
Words ­ sedimentary, millions, oxygen, creatures, pressure…read more

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Crude oil
· Crude oil is a mixture.
It contains hundreds of different compounds. Some
are small but most are large.
· Nearly all of these compounds contain carbon and
hydrogen only.
· They are called hydrocarbons.
Hydrocarbons are molecules that
contain carbon and hydrogen only.…read more

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The importance of oil
· These hydrocarbons are vital to
our way of life.
· We use them as highly portable
fuels for many forms of
· We also use them as raw
materials from which a huge
range of useful everyday
substances are made.…read more

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Making oil useful
· Although we can get useful substances from oil, crude
oil itself has no uses.
· In order to make crude oil into useful substances we
first have to separate the mixture into molecules of
similar size.
· This is done in an oil refinery.…read more

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What is crude oil?
· Crude oil is a mixture of different sized
hydrocarbons. The exact composition depends
upon where the oil comes from but typically it
contains a lot of big molecules.
Small molecules
Big molecules
molecules…read more

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