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Critics and Other Reading of Lear

Samuel Johnson:
`The tragedy of Lear is deservedly celebrated among the dramas
of Shakespeare' ... there is no play which `keeps the attention so
strongly fixed'
`instances of cruelty are too savage and shocking'
The plucking out of Gloucester's eyes on stage is `an…

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Critics and Other Reading of Lear

Some psychological readings of King Lear suggest that Lear's
relationship with Cordelia was incestuous and the `tempest' was a form
of justice and punishment for this. I think this is mostly absurd and
ridiculous. Instead, I much prefer the alternative psychoanalysis that
Lear's madness…

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Critics and Other Reading of Lear

Their quest for power and cruelty towards their father could be seen as
their chance at switching round the principles of the Chain of Being,
wherein women supersede men. However, Cordelia could be seen as
the anti-feminist because she attempts to restore the Old…


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