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Criminal Courts
There are two criminal courts: MAGISTRATES & CROWN

There are three categories of offence: SUMMARY (minor offences, magistrates court, e.g.
speeding), TRIABLE EITHER WAY (neither one nor other, crown or magistrates, e.g. criminal damage)
& INDICTABLE (serious offences, crown, e.g. murder, rape, manslaughter)

Magistrates Court
Approx 500…

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Criminal Jurisdiction
They can hear: triable either way offences, indictable offences, sentencing for magistrates
and appeals from magistrates.

Triable Either Way Offences

Plea before venue
The defendant is whether he pleads guilty or not guilty. GUILTY = Magistrates Court (however they
can send the defendant to the Crown Court for…

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Will be allowed from prosecution or defence in QBD if it involved a POL of general public


Can take place here if it involves an EU matter.

Appeals from the Crown Court
(Magistrates Court > Crown Court > Court of Appeal > House of Lords > ECJ)


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