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The Creation of Israel ­ 1945 ­ 1948
Creation of Israel: Palestine in the 19th Century
Zionist historians
Argue that Palestine was neglected, sparsely settled part of the Ottoman Empire, that those Arabs
living in Palestine were migratory and poor, that they had little or nor political identity, that the…

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Palestine before World War I
Zionist historians argue that Zionists brought much needed energy, innovation and capital to
Palestine, expanding and modernising agricultural production. They argue that the Zionists radical
European political ideas galvanised the local population into formulating and shaping their own
political identity which they had not done…

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Sykes-Picot Agreement 1916
Was an agreement between the British and the French that basically carved up the Arab state. They
both agreed on areas that would control and have influence over while recognising and protecting
the independent Arab state or confederation of Arab states. They decided who had control over…

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Palestine becomes a British Mandate
Britains first task was to reconstruct and expand the country's infrastructure of roads, rail and
telegraphs, schools, hospitals, police, agriculture and industry. They tried to do so against a
backdrop of increasing hostility and conflict between Arabs and Jews as both sides made
contradictory and…

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although only 5% of the Jewish population lived on these kibbutzim's. The Zionists did not own a
great deal of land in Palestine. In 1945 they only controlled around 7% of the land.
Jews made up 90% of the industrial workers in the mandate, paid more than half of all…

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Arab response:
Saw WWII as an opportunity to rid themselves of both the British and the Jews and to achieve
independence. This meant that they backed the axis powers (Italy and Germany). There was little
they could do and the British were victorious in the Middle East. Palestinian Arabs were…

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The role of the United States in the creation of Israel
Before WWII the Americans saw Palestine as British responsibility. By 1943 the US State
Department was concerned about American production of oil for the war and the supply of oil for
post ­ war Europe an din May 1943…

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- the Arabs ­ not only Palestinian Arabs but most if not all Middle Eastern Arab states ­ have
no accepted and remain unwilling to accept a Jewish state or the idea of the a Jewish state in
the region
- that the majority of the Arab world has…


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