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Cosmological Argument:

Also known as first cause argument
A posteriori- through senses
Inductive argument- moves from observations in the world to conclusion
Written by theists
Prove existence of God
Aquinas 1, 2 and 3-
`God's effects...are enough to prove that God exists, even if they may not be enough to…

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If we suppose the world to be everlasting we would never come to a complete or
sufficient explanation for its existence
The universe requires an explanation or sufficient reason for its existence and God is the
best and most sufficient reason
Hume's Criticism-
Believed all knowledge comes from our sense…

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The term `necessary' can only be applied to `analytic propositions'- propositions that
would be self-contradictory to deny eg `bachelors are married
Only way to argue for the existence of God would be if it could be shown that God's
existence was self-contradictory to deny
Any statement that cannot be proved…


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