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Important Background

Loftus & Palmer:
- Although eye witness testimony is very
Reconstruction of
convincing to juries, research into memory
automobile destruction:
Cognitive an example of the
suggests there are factors which may make
them unreliable.
interaction between
-Information received during an event, and
language and memory.

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Loftus and Palmer Tendency to use scientific and What a person is thinking can only be
Cognitive Baron-Cohen et al controlled procedures inferred
Savage-Rumbaug Contributions in understanding Computer analogy leads to a reductionist/
h cognitive processes mechanistic approach

Assumption - Attempts to explain behaviour in terms of mental processes and…

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Baron-Cohen To investigate if high-functioning adults Quasi ­ Experiment Three groups: - Subjects with autism or
with autism lack advanced theory of mind - 16 subjects, 13 male, 3 female, Asperger's Syndrome were
skills. Independent Measures & high functioning autism. Normal significantly impaired on this task
Matched Pairs Design intelligence.…

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