Co Ordination and Response

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Many multicellular organisms have both nervous and hormonal co-ordination and
control systems, enabling them to respond to changes in their environments.
Homeostasis is the maintenance of a constant internal environment.
1. The amount of water in our bodies is
regulated by the pituitary gland
and the kidneys. This is so our cells
don't explode.
2. The body
temperature is
maintained at
around 37 C, so
they enzymes can
work at their
temperature and
don't denature.
A co-ordinated response requires a stimulus, a receptor and an effector.
Stimulus ­ a change in environment, e.g. sound, temperature, light.
Receptor ­ Picks up the stimulus, e.g. eyes, ears, nose etc.
Effector ­ What does the changing, e.g. muscles.


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