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Climate Change
Geography Unit 1
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What is the current of warm water
in the Atlantic Ocean called?
(This occurs from the Florida gulf
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What is the Northern off shoot of the
Gulf stream?
(Which flows towards the north at the
western coast of the UK making the
climate warmer that it should have due
to its latitude)
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As the ocean water cools at the
north Atlantic, it becomes denser
and sinks to the ocean floor
(opposite of warm water rising at
the sub tropics)
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What is the flow of warm and cold
water the circulates around the
worlds oceans.?
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It works as the water up north is very
cold and salty making it sink down to
the ocean which draw warmer water
from the tropics and as there is a
movement of water, the cold water
that had sank will rise yet again when
it reaches the tropics.
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