Climate Change

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Climate Change
Climate change is happening all around us. One of the most common types is
greenhouse gas. What is greenhouse gas? Greenhouse gases are when the
sun's heat is directed to earth. It then some gets trapped inside the
atmosphere layer. The sunlight warms up the earth's surface which emits
infrared radiation.
Climate change means that the earth's
surface is increasing in temperature. This
could also affect species and population.
Humans are accelerating the global warming
by increasing waste and polluting the
atmosphere by driving cars which is putting
fumes into the air.
It is called the greenhouse effect because it is
just like being in a greenhouse. If you were to go into a greenhouse (or a
conservatory) when it was cold, the greenhouse would be warm because the
glass would have trapped in the heat.
How can we decrease our CO2
We can reduce the greenhouse effect by
recycling and cutting back using cars and
other vehicles. Over half of the vehicles that
pollute the earth with CO2 are cars. This is
why if you got on a bus it would be healthier
for the environment to save cars. It would be
even better if you could walk or bike as this
would save further amounts of CO2
It is estimated that the human population has doubled every year for the last
20 years.
Affects of global warming include:

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Climate change
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