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Circle Geometry
Maths: Quick
Revision…read more

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1) Angles in a semi-
circle=90 degrees
· A triangle drawn from 2 ends of the
diameter will ALWAYS make an
angle of 90 degrees where it hits
the edge of the circle, no matter
where it hits.…read more

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2) Tangent-Radius meets at
90 degrees
· A tangent is a line that has just
touched a single point on a circle. A
tangent always makes an angle of
exactly 90 degrees with the radius it
meets at this point.…read more

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3) Isosceles triangles
formed by 2 radii
· The 2 radii that makes the triangle
tells us it must e and isosceles
triangle.…read more

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4) Chord bisector is a
· A chord is any line drawn across a
circle. And no matter where you
draw a chord, the line that cuts it
exactly in half ( at 90 degrees) will
go through the centre of the circle
making it the diameter.…read more

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5) Angles in the Same
segment are equal
· All angles drawn from the chord will
have the same angle where they
touch the circle. Also the 2 angles
on the opposite sides of the chord
add up to 180 degrees.…read more

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A great recall of the theorems to evoke discussion.



how do you do circle geometry



is this foundation or higher for the new GCSE?

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