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The Circadian Rhythms

What is a Circadian Rhythm?

They are rhythms last for approximately 24 hours i.e. a day. The 2 best examples:
sleepwake cycle and body temperature cycle

The Sleep Wake cycle

You might think we sleep at regular times because of the daylight (being sleepy when it's dark…

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This shows that the sleepwake cycle rests at approximately 24 hours when
there aren't any external cues

Aschoff and Wever

Put participants in a WWII bunker where they had no social or environmental cues
Most participants had 2425 hour circadian rhythms but other had as long as 29 hour

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Core Body Temperature cycle

Another example of a circadian rhythm is the core body temperature cycle.

Lowest body temperature: 36 degrees at 4:30 am

Highest body temperature: 38 degrees at 6 pm

There is also a temperature dip after lunch ­ i.e. Temperature goes up at lunchtime (not
related to…

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