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Group 1 elements…read more

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What are the group one elements?…read more

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How are they stored and what do they
look like?
· Group 1 metals are stored in oil.
Simply because this will stop
corrosion from happening. All the
Group 1 elements are silvery-
coloured. They are metals which are
soft, and can be easily cut with a
knife to expose a shiny surface.…read more

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What happens when they react with
· When reacted with water they form
an alkaline solution, but during the
reaction the metals melt because
enough heat is given off to do so. A
gas is produced and the shape of
some elements change. Sometimes
fire or explosions may quickly
happen.…read more

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· When a group 1 metal reacts with
water, this is the word and symbol
· Metal + water metal hydroxide +
· 2D + 2H2O 2DOH + H2
· (D = K, Li, Na, Rb, Cs or Fr)
· The symbol D stands for any one of
the five elements.…read more

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Differences and trends in the
properties of the elements
· The electronic structure of the
elements are the same leaving 1
electron on the outer shell.
· They are soft and shiny.
· As you go down the group melting
points and boiling points decrease.
· Rubidium and caesium sink because
their density is more than water.
· Energy needed to melt element
decreases as you go down the group.…read more

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