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Unit 1 GCSE, Metals…read more

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Metals and the Periodic Table
Metals are
Where do they appear in the Periodic Table?…read more

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Properties of Metals
Metals have 8 (or some 9) properties:
Can be drawn out into a wire
Can be hammered into shape
Electrical Conductor
Heat Conductor
Sonorous Makes a ringing sound when struck
Some Magnetic
What do the words in red mean?…read more

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Transition Metals
They are much more than other metals
They have a than other metals
Higher Melting Point
Copper, Nickel,
Titanium, Gold
Metals Transition Metals Poor
Metals…read more

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An ore is
A rock containing enough of a metal compound to make it
economical to extract
Where are ores found?
In the Earths Crust
Are they renewable or non - renewable?
Non - Renewable
Many metal ores are metal oxides.…read more

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Mining ­ Disadvantages
Noise Pollution ­ increased traffic, machinery, blasts
Visual Pollution ­ scar on landscape
Air Pollution ­ dust, CO2 emissions
Water Pollution ­ Acid and chemicals can be washed into streams
by rain water
Destroys Habitats
Uses up limited resources
Deforestation ­ sometimes
Erosion and subsidence…read more

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