Chemistry 2: Chapters 1 & 2 (Atomic Structures)

Revision notes made using AQA Chemistry book as source, covering Chapters 1 and 2 which is about Atomic Structures, including bonding, properties, molecules and substances. Includes diagrams, basic bullet point notes and word definitions. Ideal notes to print out and work from.

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C2 1-2
GCSE Chemistry Revision
Jake McKeown
Atomic Structures · Bonding · Properties · Molecules · Substances

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Atomic Structure
Proton Neutron Electron
Location Nucleus Nucleus Orbits Nucleus
Relative Charge +1 0 -1
Relative Mass 1 1 1/2000
Quick Facts
The charge of an atom is 0, as this is what you get if you add the charge of each particle. This
is because every atom has equal numbers of protons and electrons.
The number of protons in the nucleus is the atomic number or proton number (the bottom
number on periodic table).
The atomic number is what defines which element it is.…read more

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Chemical Bonding
When an atom has a full outer shell, it is stable and unreactive (like noble gases) ­ but most atoms are
not like this. When they react, they change to have a stable arrangement of atoms which is done by
Ionic Bonding ­ transferring electrons.
Covalent Bonding ­ sharing electrons
Ionic Bonding
Ions are charged atoms that are formed in chemical bonding.…read more

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