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Equations…read more

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Balancing Chemical Equations
A chemical equation is a way in which chemists write and describe chemical
reactions. An example of a chemical equation is:
2H2 + O2 2H2O
In every chemical equation there must be equal mass numbers on each side and
equal numbers of atoms on each side.…read more

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Chemical Equation Writing
To write chemical equations you need to do many things such as make sure the
equations are balanced and make sure that you have the correct formulae.
State symbols are what state the reactants and products are at room temperature.
The big 2 means
that there are 2 of The little 2 shows how
this molecule many of the element
there are in the
molecule.…read more

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Steps in Writing Balanced Symbol Equations
These are the steps for writing balanced symbol equations:
1. Write down the word equation.
2. Underneath write the correct formulae for each reactant and product.
3. Balance the equation (if you need to) by putting numbers in front of the formulae.
4. Add state symbols.…read more


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