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CHARLTON et al ­ ST.HELENA study and aggression
St.Helena is an isolated island
Small community with population of around 5000 habitants
Everyone known each other in society
Research started in 1993 ­ TV was introduced in 1995
AIM ­ to investigate the effects of TV on children
DESIGN ­ Repeated Measures Design
Longitudinal study
Natural experiment
IV ­ introducing TV
DV ­ effect of TV on aggression levels
Questionnaires were given to parents/ teachers to ask about the behaviour of children
Quantitative and qualitative data
Observation were made in playgrounds
Qualitative data
Content analysis used to record what and how much TV was watched
Quantitative data
Video cameras were placed in classrooms
Qualitative data
Very little difference found
Island already had low rate of behavioural problems
Everyone knew each other and parents had high levels of control over children so effect of
TV was reduced.
Study showed that TV did not have a significant impact on children's behaviour. Even if violence
was watched, it was not copied.
This was due to high levels of community control and surveillance and parental control.

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Strength Weakness
Natural experiment ­ greater realism because Parents and teachers might not have reported
IV is naturally occurring any aggression displayed by children because
the island will be seen negatively.
Discreet cameras were used so children If children were aggressive at school, teacher
behaved naturally as they did not know they will have stopped this immediately.…read more


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