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Development of Active
Leisure & Recreation…read more

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What you must know &
The 4 basic requirements for physical activity.
Define the concepts of leisure & recreation.
The current trends in terms of active leisure &
recreation & factors that affect them.
The initiatives designed by the various governing &
sporting bodies to increase grass roots mass
The main contemporary concerns,…read more

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Requirements for Participation
Time…read more

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Requirements for Participation
Fitness: - or lack of it is often a reason for people not
to take part in regular physical activity
The term `fitness' has often been used incorrectly as a
synonym for `health'. Fitness/Health discussion
Fitness can be obtained/maintained/improved
assuming basic health is present.
A lack of fitness will limit the effectiveness of a
performer in a sporting context
(Player/Coach/Offical)…read more

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Requirements for Participation
Ability: - refers to experience individuals have
Do you have...
(i) Confidence to play the game
(ii) Knowledge rules and laws of activity
(iii) The skills & be able to execute them to
effectively participate
(iv) Confidence to place ability on the line in a
sporting performance.…read more

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Requirements for Participation
Resources: - essential in order to take part.
Categorised into 3 main areas:
(i) Physical Equipment
(ii) Sufficient People
(iii) Money
· Depends on sport and level of activity to
reliance on these resources.
* Think how running at `Grass Roots' and `Elite'
levels can differ.…read more

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