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Animal + Plant Cells
Part Function
Contains genetic material, which controls the
activities of the cell
Most chemical processes take place here, controlled
by enzymes
Controls the movement of substances into and out
Cell membrane
of the cell
Mitochondria Most energy is released by respiration here
Ribosomes Protein synthesis happens here…read more

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+Plant Cells
Part Function
Cell wall Strengthens the cell
Contain chlorophyll, which absorbs light energy for
Permanent vacuole Filled with cell sap to help keep the cell turgid…read more

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Animal + Plant Cell…read more

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Bacterial + Yeast Cell
Bacterial cells
Structure of a salmonella bacterium cell
A bacterium is a single-celled organism. A bacterial cell has a
different structure to an animal or plant cell. It has cytoplasm, a
membrane and a surrounding cell wall, but the genetic material
in a bacterial cell is not in a distinct nucleus.
Yeast is a single-celled organism. Like bacterial cells, yeast cells
have cytoplasm and a membrane surrounded by a cell wall. But
unlike bacterial cells, yeast cells have a nucleus.…read more

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Specialised Cells…read more

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Dissolved substances have to pass through the cell Remember, particles continue to move from a high to a
membrane to get into or out of a cell. Diffusion is one of the low concentration while there is a concentration
processes that allows this to happen. gradient.
Diffusion occurs when particles spread. They move from a In the lungs, the blood will continue to take in oxygen
region where they are in high concentration to a region from the alveolar air spaces provided the concentration
where they are in low concentration. Diffusion happens of oxygen there is greater than in the blood. Oxygen
when the particles are free to move. This is true in gases and diffuses across the alveolar walls into the blood, and
for particles dissolved in solutions. Particles diffuse down a the circulation takes the oxygen-rich blood away.
concentration gradient, from an area of high concentration
to an area of low concentration. This is how the smell of
cooking travels around the house from the kitchen, for
example.…read more


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