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Cell Division
· A fertilised egg divides again and again.
· Every cell produced contain the same
number of chromosomes.
· Every cell contains the same genes.
· This kind of cell division is called mitosis.
· Almost every cell in a human contains
....... chromosomes.…read more

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These cells have all been produced by mitosis
Mitosis is the type of cell division involved in:
· Growth and repair of tissues
·Asexual reproduction…read more

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These are sex cells (gametes)
They are produced by meiosis in sexual reproduction…read more

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Cell division 2
· When sex cells (eggs and sperm) are formed,
the number of chromosomes is halved.
· This involves a special type of cell division
called meiosis.
· Human sex cells contain ..... chromosomes.
· Meiosis produces cells which are all slightly
different ­ that is why brothers and sisters
from the same parents are not identical.…read more

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