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Unit 1 - Causes of disease
Pathogens - 1.1

Microorganism = General term used to describe a single celled organism that is too
small to be seen without a microscope.

Most microorganisms do not cause disease and live happily in our bodies however,
there are some, which do cause disease,…

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o Makes them harder to penetrate
Production of enzymes that kill the pathogen
Production of stomach acid, which kills pathogens

How do pathogens cause disease?
Two ways:
1. Damaging host tissues - the number of pathogens causes damage as it
prevents tissues from functioning properly. Viruses inhibit the synthesis of…

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Physical activity

Risk factors and coronary heart disease
CHD is the largest cause of death in the UK.
Factors we can control:
Smoking - between 2 and 6 times more likely to develop CHD. Giving up
smoking is the most effective way to increase life expectancy


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