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Cold environments case study
Issues in Himalayas and Nepal…read more

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Fragile environment of the Himalayas
· Conflict between economic development and
· Misuse of resources
· Mountain environments provide island ecosystems, a
change in climate may result in extinction of
specialised (endemic) species
· Mountains support varied ecosystems due to rapid
changes in altitude that compress habitats into small
zones- biodiversity within individual ecosystems is low
· Slow to re-establish stability after change due to
slow soil formation rates and vegetation growth…read more

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Fragile environment of the Himalayas
· Vulnerable to introduction of alien species due to high
levels of endemicism and low biodiversity
· Soil shallow on steep slopes and is easily eroded/
vulnerable to solifluction created by frost heave, if
vegetation is removed
· Lack of biodiversity- simple food webs…read more

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· Worlds highest mountain range
· Nepal lies between latitudes 26 and 30 degrees
· Mountains cover 80% of Nepal
· Largest concentration of glacier in world (2000)…read more

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Ecological resources
· Nepal has a rich biodiversity due to contrasts in
climate because of altitude
· 95 ecosystems= large number of plants and animals
are endemic
· Large forests on lower slopes- due to deforestation a
lot of soil is removed by melt water (solifluction)
which removes nutrients.…read more

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Economic resources
· Provides food, water, soil, timber, animal feed,
pastures for livestock grazing
· Lowlands- provide timber, glacial melt water for
irrigation, hydro power and income via tourism…read more

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