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ACCESS to SERVICES: Castle Green
in a built environment
Theme 1--Challenge of living
REDEVELOPMENT: London Docklands
DEVELOPMENT--London 2012 Olympic site, Stratford
URBAN CHANGES in LEDCs: Sao Paulo, Brazil.…read more

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Access to Urban Services in an MEDC--Castle Green, Dagenham
Advantages of living in urban areas is that you get access to a range of useful services:
Leisure and sports facilities
Cultural venues (museums, galleries, theatres)
Heath services (clinics and hospitals)
A range of schools, colleges and universities
Places of worship for a variety of faiths
Specialist shops (travel agents and solicitors)
A variety of public transport services (incl bus, train and underground)
Castle Green is located in Dagenham just off the A13
road.…read more

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London Docklands
During the 19th Century and up to the 1950's London was the busiest port in the world. Because of improvements
in technology the docks were virtually abandoned and became derelict. By 1981 the area had very few jobs, the
docks had closed and over half the land was derelict.
The LDDC (London Docklands Development Corporation) was set up to try and improve the economic, social and
environmental conditions in the area.…read more

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General idea:
Urban planners in MEDC's are trying to focus development on "sustainability" which
- encouraging economic growth whilst protecting the environment
- reducing poverty
- managing resource consumption
- providing all people with equal opportunities
London 2012 is committed to creating venues and
infrastructure in a sustainable way.…read more

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Over 100 million people living in cities in LEDC's have no shelter of any kind, whilst over a third live in
squatter settlements. Most local authorities would probably prefer to remove shanty settlements
from their cities but few can find the necessary resources that would be needed to provide alterna-
tive accommodation. As a result, shanty settlements have become permanent.
Self-help schemes are the only hope for squatters to improve their homes.…read more

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Rural to Urban Migration
The movement of people from the countryside to
towns and cities.
Location: The largest city in the province of Limpo-
po only has 90,000 people and more than 90% of
people live in rural areas.
Most people are leaving from the rural areas of Limpopo because of the very harsh environment. The climate
conditions are extremely hot and dry so which to making a living becomes very difficult and contributes to rural
poverty.…read more

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What is Counter-Urbanisation?
Counter-urbanisation is the movement out of cities to the surrounding more rural areas. It has recently been happening in many
MEDC areas.
There are six reasons for counter-urbanisation
Growth in transport and communications mean people no longer have to live where they work. Motorways and increased
car ownership have led to commuting.…read more

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Standard of Living: A measure of relative wealth.
Within a country there may be huge differences in standard of living, due to the access to services,
availability of jobs, infrastructure and historical problems.
Location: Ghana is located in West Africa. It has a southern coast.
Background: Ghana was once ruled by Great Britain. It was named
the Gold Coast, because much gold and other precious metals
were mined. The port was extremely important as it allowed Gha-
na to trade with other countries.…read more

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Location: Barking and Dagenham, East London
Background: Within this borough there is a wide variety of areas with different access to
services and access to housing. This results in varying quality of life and standard of living
throughout the borough.
Access to housing
High rise apartment blocks
1-2 bedrooms
Communal entrance
No private outdoor space
Access to services
Communal park
Recycling bins
Small shops nearby
Longbridge has a better access to Health centre
services and more expensive, large
housing.…read more


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