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Biology revision ­ Process of
cardiac cycle…read more

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Cardiac cycle
· The cardiac cycle is the sequence of events in
one heartbeat.…read more

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What happens in the cardiac cycle?
· Firstly, a wave is initiated from the sinoatrial
node. This allows a wave of excitation to
spread along the walls of the atria.
· The walls then contract and some blood from
the atria flows to the ventricles. However, the
wave cannot be conducted by the bundle of
his between the atria and ventricles.…read more

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· This means that the AV node (atrio-ventricular
node) allows the wave of excitation to pass
through but this delays it for 0.1 sec so it gives
time for the ventricles to fill up.…read more

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· After the delay, the wave of excitation passes
down the bundle of his. The bundle splits at
the base of the septum into separate fibers
knows as `purkine tissue'. This carry's the
wave of excitation to the walls of the
ventricles, causing contraction and rise in
pressure…read more


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