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Carbohydrates: Most of them are POLYMERS
What are the monomers of Carbohydrates?
There are two types of Glucose:
`Alpha' and `Beta' Glucose
Carbohydrates contain 3 elements:
1. Carbon (C)
2. Hydrogen (H)
3. Oxygen (O)
Carbohydrates are found in one of three forms:
1. Monosaccharides
2. Disaccharides (both sugars)
3. Polysaccharides

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Glucose's structure is related to its function as the `main
energy source' in animals & plants.
Its structure makes it soluble so it can be easily transported.
Its chemical bonds contain lots of energy.
General formula:
(CH2O)n where n is a number between 3 and 9. They are classified
according to the number of carbon atoms.…read more

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Monosaccharides are joined together by GLYCOSIDIC BONDS.
What happens during Synthesis?
A hydrogen atom on one monosaccharide bonds to a
hydroxyl (OH) group on the other, releasing a molecule of
water ­ this process is known as CONDENSATION REACTION.
The reverse of this reaction is HYRDROLYSIS. What happens is
that a molecule of water reacts with the glycosidic bond,
breaking it apart.
Disaccharide: - formed when two monosaccharides
join together.
Polysaccharide: - formed when more than two
monosaccharides join together.…read more


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