C2 Trigonometery

tips on how to use the formulas and what to use them for


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The Sine Rule - used to find a missing ANGLE or LENGTH when we know a side and its
opposite angle
a = Sinb c
Sin A B = Sin C
Tip: You only need two of the ones above and if you want to find a length, put the small letter on
top, if you want to find an angle put the Sin on top
The Cosine Rule - used to find a missing ANGLE when we know all three sides or a missing
LENGTH if we know an angle and its two V sides
a2 = b2 + c2 - 2bcCosA
Tip: you can rearrange it but make sure the first and last letter are the same i.e. a2 and CosA above.
Also, the last bit needs to be done altogether (2bcCosA above)
Area of a triangle
1 abSinC
Tip: always label the angle you know as C
Converting between degrees and radians
360o = 2rads
Degrees to Radians (you want radians so put pi Radians to Degrees (you don't wants radians so
on top) put pi on the bottom)
= 180 =
Arc Length

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Tip: If the ask for perimeter, just add up the two radius's and
arc length
Area of a Sector
1 2
A= 2 r…read more


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