C2: Calculations

Here is a powerpoint with all of the calculations needed for the C2 (Chemistry section). This is for students taking AQA Additional Science. This powerpoint contains the equations, information you need to know, worked out examples and practice questions! There will soon be another powerpoint in my area containing the answers to this powerpoint. I hope this helps you to revise! Please rate and comment on how to improve :D Also, I have a study group called AQA Additional Science where we discuss topics such as this one and many more! Feel free to become a member, the more the merrier!

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C2: Calculations…read more

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This powerpoint is for students taking AQA
Additional Science and contains all of the
equations that you need for the C2
(Chemistry) section. There is some extra
information you need to learn as well as the
equations, some worked out answers and also
some practice questions. Hope this helps you
revise! For this you will need a periodic table
with both the atomic number and mass
number.…read more

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The Relative Atomic Mass (Ar)
The relative atomic mass of an element (Ar)
compares the mass of atoms of the element
with 12C isotope. It is an average value for the
isotopes of the element. So to calculate the Ar
of an element you simply look at the periodic
table and use the mass number of that
element (the biggest number of the two). E.g.
for Oxygen the two numbers are 16 and 8
therefore the Ar is 16.…read more

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Practice Questions - Ar
9. Zn 18. Ti 27. K
1. H
10. B 19. Cr 28. Ar
2. Cl
11. P 20. Ni 29. Xe
3. Mg 30. Rb
12. Ra 21. Sn
4. O
13. Fe 22. Pb
5. C
14. W 23. Co Find the Ar of all of these
6. N 24. Li
different elements
15. Na (Answers on a separate
7. Cu 25. He
powerpoint in my area
16. Cs called C2: Equation
8. Ag 17. Ca 26. Ne Answers)…read more

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The relative formula Mass (Mr)
The relative formula mass (Mr) of a
compound is the sum of the relative atomic
masses of the atoms. To calculate the Mr you
need to add all of the Ar results together. On
the next few slides are some worked
examples:…read more

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The relative formula Mass Mr Cont...
O= Oxygen
Na = Sodium Ar = 16
Ar = 23
NaOH H= Hydrogen
Ar = 1
23 + 16 + 1 = 40
Mr = 40…read more

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