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Why is customer service
important in a business???.....
If you want your customers to come back to you, you
need to make sure your product satisfies the customers
need. But that's not the only thing which customers look
for, customers are also looking for a good, friendly and
welcoming service.…read more

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So what makes good customer
It depends on what the business is to what makes
good customer service but for all businesses you
need the basic things such as:
·Don't make promises unless you will keep them
Don't tell them something which you cant promise, such as if your business is
delivery don't tell them that it is next day delivery if you aren't planning to
deliver it for another three days.
·Listen to your customers
listen to your customers needs, if they experience a problem and tell you
then don't just ignore it, make sure you listen and make the problem right.
·Deal with complaints.
No company likes hearing complaints but make sure you deal with them so
that no one else experiences the same problem, complaints help make your
business better.…read more

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Be helpful even if there's no immediate profit in it.
As a business you will make more money if you treat your
customers like they are special that way they will stick with you
and make money in the long run.
·Train your staff
So that they know the basic rules and so they know how to treat
·Go the extra step
For a super market this could be instead of just telling them the
product they are looking for is in isle three, take them to the
product this way they get a better feel for the store.
·Throw in something extra
To make sure they have a reason to come back give, you should
give them a coupon or a voucher when they purchase a product
this makes the customer feel valued.…read more

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How would a restaurant
improve customer service?......
What expectations do you have when you go
to a restaurant?
What's the difference in service between a restaurant
and a fast food restaurant such as McDonalds ?
Why?…read more

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Case study: Ford Retail
Ford Retail is the UK retail division of Ford Motor
Company which trades under various brands
including Dagenham Motors and Polar Ford. In spring
2010 it became the first auto retail group in the UK to
achieve Training Mark accreditation from the
Institute of Customer Service.…read more

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