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1. Look at the 3 W's the provenance (WHERE, WHO, WHEN).
2. Look at the 4th W WHY motive, purpose, agenda, perspective. Don't forget
to consider the intended audience.
3. Address the language and tone of the source.
4. Use your own knowledge, but this is of secondary importance to source
analysis and should always be directly related to the sources (avoid using
`bolton knowledge). Keep it brief.
5. Compare the sources throughout your answer do not sequence them.
6. Evaluate the sources test each one, and don't accept any at face value. Use
a range of criteria for testing, such as:
Political beliefs (left or right wing?)
Age different generations often view issues from different
perspectives(eg Kingsley and Martin Amis `Koba the Dread')
Country of origin (different to nationality)
With regard to usefulness always consider ways the limitations of a source as
well as its uses.
7. Focus on the question by repeating key terms of the question throughout the
8. Crossreference with other sources if this adds something to your answer but
keep it brief.
9. Reach a judgement answer the question explicitly at the end.


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