Biology A-Level; Human Reproduction Powerpoint

This is a PowerPoint about human reproduction. Includes: male/female reproductive systems, Gametogenesis, fertilisation and acrosome reaction, implantation, fertility and pregnancy tests.

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Human Reproduction
Penny Baker…read more

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Male Reproductive System
Seminal vesicle
Prostate gland
Vas deferens
Seminiferous tubules
Testis…read more

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Female Reproductive System
Vagina…read more

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Female Reproductive System
The two ovaries produce ova. They are produced in the germinal epithelium
where they develop into follicles. Mature follicles migrate back to the surface
when fully developed so that they can be shed.
Oval are passed to the fallopian tube(oviduct) which conveys them to the
The uterus has muscular walls and is lined internally by a mucus membrane
called the endometrium. It is well supplied with blood and is part of the
uterus into which the embryo implants during pregnancy and which is shed
during menstruation.
The uterus opens into the vagina through a ring of muscle, the cervix.…read more

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The production of gametes in the gonads.
Spermatogenesis = formation of sperm in test is.
Oogenesis = formation of ova in the ovary.
The cells of the germinal epithelium in both the testis and the ovary undergo
a series of mitotic and meiotic divisions to form haploid gametes.
It is important the gametes are haploid so that the diploid number is restored
on fertilisation…read more

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This takes place in the germinal
epithelium of the seminiferous
Diploid spermatogonia divide many
times by mitosis to produce
primary spermatocytes.
These then undergo meiosis to
form haploid secondary
After the second meiotic division
they form spermatids which
differentiate and mature into
spermatozoa.…read more

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