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AIDS…read more

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Transmission of HIV
· Sharing needles ­ whether used illegally for drugs or legally
· Unprotected sex ­ the virus can enter the bloodstream of a partner
through breaks in the skin or lesions caused by other infections (usually
other STI's). Infection can also occur via oral sex, though this is rare.
· Direct blood-to-blood transfer through cuts and grazes.
· Maternal transmission from mother to unborn child or in breast milk. Risk
occurs in last few weeks of pregnancy, mostly around the birth itself,
when mingling of infant and maternal blood is likely to happen.…read more

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AIDS ­ Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
· Is caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus, HIV. The
virus infects and gradually destroys the cells in the body that usually
combat infections leaving the body susceptible to diseases it would
normally be able to fight.
· Without treatment, the immune system will become too weak to fight off
illness and a person with HIV may develop rare infections or cancers.
When these are particularly serious, the person is said to have AIDS
(Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).
Lipid bilayer } HIV Envelope derived from host cell membrane
layer of
viral protein
2 copies
Capsid made
up of protein units
Viral proteins
e.g. Reverse transcriptase and integrase…read more

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How HIV Invades T Helper Cells
basics…read more

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The course of the disease ­ AIDS
AIDS doesn't always follow HIV. There are several
stages in the course of the disease once someone is
infected, and this depends on several factors. For
· Health of the host before infection
· Genetic resistance of host to infection
· Quality of host's immune response to initial
· Their lifestyle and nutrition
· The availability of expensive and complicated
treatment to them…read more

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