Bias in Diagnostic

Bias in Diagnostic

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Bias in Diagnostic
Bias is defined as the tendency to focus on certain aspects of experience than others. The big
question surrounding this topic is whether there is a way it is possible to diagnosis mental illness
accurately without any bias?
Racial and ethnic inequality are common in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, these are
caused by professional making judgements about people's race. The expectation caused by race
leads to inapproatiate decision leading in miss diagnosis.
One argument that supports the existence of racial is Baskin (2006) who conducted research that
found a difference between the patients and the psychiatric drugs given.
Another argument that supports the existence of racial bias is Tyrer (2005) who suggests that
psychiatrists have carried their own cultural assumption without being aware of it. The psychiatrist
have been developed a system of thinking which leads to bias in diagnosis.
One argument that criticise the existence of racial bias is from the Royal College of Psychiatrists
(2005) that found 1 in 3 psychiatrists in England come from a minority background. Suggesting if
psychiatrists are racially bias in may be in built within psychiatry.
Another type of Bias in diagnosis of mental illness is gender bias. Gender bias can occur in diagnosis
of psychological disorders. This may


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