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Shannon Brown

Believing in God

Religious upbringing

Christian parents are likely to have their babies baptised. As part of this sacrament the
parents will promise to bring up their children as Christians and so encourage them to believe
in God.
Christian parents will teach their children to pray to God.…

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Shannon Brown

Evidence of design in the world

Laws of science
Beauty of nature

How the appearance of design may lead o, or support belief in God

Anything that had been designed needs a designer
There is plenty of evidence that the world has been designed
If the…

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Shannon Brown

How the scientific explanation of the world may lead to agnosticism or atheism

Science can explain where the world came from and where humans came from without any
reference to God. This may lead some people to be agnostic.
Atheists believe if God exists he must have made…

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Shannon Brown

How evil and suffering cause people to question or reject belief in God

Some people cannot believe that a good God would have designed a world with natural evils
in it.
Some people cannot believe in a God who allows humans to cause so much evil and suffering…


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