Believing in God

Religion and Life.

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Shannon Brown
Believing in God
Religious upbringing
Christian parents are likely to have their babies baptised. As part of this sacrament the
parents will promise to bring up their children as Christians and so encourage them to believe
in God.
Christian parents will teach their children to pray to God.
Christian parents will take their children to worship God in church.
Christian parents will send their children to Sunday School to learn about God and the
Christian faith.
How a religious upbringing may lead to, or support, belief in God
Your parents will have told you about God as part of their promises to bring you up as a
Christian and young children believe what their parents tell them
Christians usually teach their children to pray to God. This will make their children believe that
God exists because he listens to their prayers. If praying was a waste of time why would
parents make them do it?
Going to church and seeing so many people praying to God and worshipping God is likely to
make them think that God must exist
Going to Sunday School would support belief in God because children would learn why
Christians believe in God and what they believe about him
Religious experience
The feeling of the presence of God. If someone has a numinous experience it may led them to
believe in God because the experience will make them feel like God is real. Feeling of someone
greater than you has to be God
Lead people to believe in God because they will feel that God is calling them to do something for
him. When St Paul was on the road to Damascus and Jesus spoke to him from a bright light in the sky
telling him to become a Christian he had no choice but to believe in God.
Breaks down the laws of science and the only explanation for it is God.
If a person praying feels that God is listening to the prayer then they are likely to believe that God
exists. If the prayer has been answered that would lead to belief in God.
Argument from design and belief in God

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Shannon Brown
Evidence of design in the world
Laws of science
Beauty of nature
How the appearance of design may lead o, or support belief in God
Anything that had been designed needs a designer
There is plenty of evidence that the world has been designed
If the world has been designed it must have a designer
The only possible designer of something as beautiful and complex as the world would be
God. The appearance of the world proves that God exists.…read more

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Shannon Brown
How the scientific explanation of the world may lead to agnosticism or atheism
Science can explain where the world came from and where humans came from without any
reference to God. This may lead some people to be agnostic.
Atheists believe if God exists he must have made the world and he must be the only
explanation of the world. The scientific explanation of the world and humans without any
reference to God is proof to such people that God does not exist.…read more

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Shannon Brown
How evil and suffering cause people to question or reject belief in God
Some people cannot believe that a good God would have designed a world with natural evils
in it.
Some people cannot believe in a God who allows humans to cause so much evil and suffering
when he could stop it if he wanted to.…read more


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