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Belfast Confetti ­ Notes
Dark ironic confetti
Weddings are unions ­ these are hated
`Exclamation marks' ­ metaphor
Many links to punctuation throughout
Pulls things together ­ constructive/destructive demonstrates that it is visually being broken
`Fount' ­ means fountain
Hyphenated line ­ dash or pause
Impact for the reader
`But it kept stuttering' ­ stress
`Odessa Street' ­ history
Crimea Street ­ a place of battle
Saracen ­ tank
Kremlin-2 mesh ­ hard material
Past present
Walkie talkies ­ Hiding/communicating on the move
Bombarded with information
War is action and words
He is a microcosm of society ­ personal pronouns
Belfast confetti:
Euphemism where we use a word or phrase to represent something else for rocks and rubble in
the Irish war Moves like confetti
Poem is an extended metaphor for punctuation
Punctuation = weapons
Conflict ­ can't think


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