Beginning of the Cold War

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YALTA February 1945 ·Policy of 'containing' communism
(Roosevelt/Stalin/Churchill) Objectives: TRUMAN
·Soviet response was 'Cominform' to ensure cotrol of satelleite
· Disputes over Poland -Security - Poland, weaken Germany, consolidate Soviet sphere DOCTRINE
· Agreements reached over division of Germany
· Declaration of Liberated Europe
·Promote economic recovery in Europe
Aggression Argument: ·Led to increased trade/relationship with US
-Sphere of influence /refused to tolerate opposition (Czech) ·13.7 billion dollars (1948 - 1952)
·Soviet response was 'Comecon' - two key economic areas
-Berlin - coerce West - US was reactive PLAN
POTSDAM -Overlooks Stalin's short term commitment to peace
July 1945 (Truman/Stalin/Atlee
·US desire to have dominant economic position - avoid Great
· Very tense Depression
Lind: 'The Cold War was caused by Soviet aggression and ended with
· Polish border set to the River Neisse Soviet surrender.' DOLLAR
·Truman encouraged tension to justify arms spending, which in
turn stimulated economy
· Annoyed about Soviet interference in Eastern Europe DIPLOMACY
LONG Berlin Crisis 1948-9 Korean War 1950 - 53
· Economy was booming TELEGRAM FEBRUARY 1946
· 3 times manufacturing capacity of the USSR ·Stalin wanted a neutral Germany ·Korea had been divided at 38th
to keep them weak parallel at Potsdam
· Dollar = world's trading currency (Bretton Wood's · Soviet Union preparing for World
conference) ·Truman wanted to avoid a repeat ·Kim il Sung wanted to reunite
Domination of post WW1 Korea as communist
· Scarred by memories of Great Depression - · Advised policy of 'containment' ·West unified (Bizonia/Trizonia) + ·Stalin agreed (1949 atom bomb,
poverty could attract communism currency change Communist China)
·Stalin blockaded West Berlin ·NSC-68 - Implemented with UN
NOVIKOV ·Berlin Airlift 'Operation Vittles' / 2.3 involvement (USSR boycotting over
million tons of supplies + B29
USSR · US were acting like bombers in Britain ·MacArthur - drove communists out
·West were peaceful - of Sout Korea
· War was a tragedy - 27 million died / 1700 towns 'Imperialists' Propaganda disaster for USSR ·'Roll-back' towards China
destroyed / lost most
· Biggest role in defeating Hitler
· Planning World Domination ·Failed to prevent FRG (Soviet ·Showed military determination /
response GDR) willingness to engage in proxy wars
· Largest army - 11 million men ·NATO ·Significance of US political
MUTUAL ·Neither side wanted nuclear war pressure on policu making
· World's fastest growing economy MISCONCEPTIONS SEWELL, LEFFLER
· Wanted to protect their own interests
· Misinterpretted aggressive policies
Williams: `A foreign
McMahon: `The Truman policy of economic
Doctrine thus amounted to a Phillips: US foreign policy imperialist
declaration of ideological cold seemed to confirm the expansion... `open
Lind: `It was caused war along with a declaration of West's determination to door' policy.'
by Soviet aggression geo-political cold war.' NSC-68 undermine
and it ended with communism.' Mason: `a
Saw world in `bipolar terms'
Soviet surrender.' fundamental
Roberts: `The key event in
Advocated `Roll-Back' rather than `Containment' clash of
precipitating this change
ideologies and
in policy was the Marshall Justified excessive American defence spending


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