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BTEC Law Level 3
Unit 1
Dispute solving in the legal system
(P2,P3 and M1)
Solicitors ,barristers and legal executives…read more

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Barristers by David Urquhart…read more

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Barristers place of work and role in and
out of court
Groups of barristers employ a
`barristers clerk' and share
Rules on operating from a
chamber have been relaxed and
it is possible to practice from
home but this does not allow for
the development of a
successful practice.
Barrister's duties are divided
between paperwork and
advocacy (representing clients
in court).
They are independent…read more

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Barristers place of work and role in and
out of court
The paperwork revolves around giving
specialist advice to solicitors on difficult areas of
law and preparing documents to be used in
Barristers can choose to specialize in areas such
as tax and company law and rarely appear in
Barristers have a right of audience in every
court.…read more

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A member of the public requiring the
services of a barrister must go
through a solicitor
The solicitor may recommend which
and when a barrister should be used.
The solicitor must choose a barrister
with adequate experience of the type
of case. The solicitor will then send
the barrister a brief
Cab Rank Rule
`Take Silk'
Barristers spend some of their time
corresponding with solicitors and
other institutions which have access
to them under the Access to
Justice Act 1999 reforms e.g.
Barristers place of work and role in and
out of court…read more

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3 A Levels
Law Degree (LLB) which covers areas such as tort,
Contract and criminal and lasts for 3 years
Bar Vocational Course (BVC) teaches advocacy skills
While on the BVC the student must join one of the 4 Inns
of Court (Lincoln Inn, Grays Inn, Middle Temple and Inner
Temple) attend weekend training sessions
After completing the BVC called to the Bar Council and
qualified as a barrister
Must find a pupillage/Shadow a senior barrister in a
6 months into the 1 year pupillage students can take on
their own clients
Qualifications to be a barrister…read more

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