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B5 Growth and Development ­ Cell
Division (Mitosis)
By Cait…read more

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What is the cell cycle?
New cells are needed for growth and repair
so the cells of your body need to divide
over and over again to produce more cells.
This is called the cell cycle
Both humans, animals and plants do this…read more

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How does Mitosis happen?
The cell has to copy everything it contains
to when it splits in half, the two new cells
will contain the right amount of material…read more

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First the cell has to duplicate it's
Molecule of DNA splits
Bases on free-floating nucleotides pair up
with matching bases on the DNA
Cross links form between the bases and the
old DNA strands, and the nucleotides are
joined together
So, two molecules identical to the original
ones are formed…read more

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It then splits into two by mitosis...
Step 1:The cell has two copies of its DNA
all spread out in long strings
Step 2: Before the cell divides, the DNA
forms X-shaped chromosomes. Each `arm'
of a chromosome is an exact duplicate of
the other
Step 3: The chromosomes then link up at
the centre of the cell and cell fibres pull
them apart. The two arms of each
chromosome go to opposite ends of the
cell…read more

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Step 4: Membranes form around each of
the sets of chromosomes. These become
the nuclei of the two new cells
Step 5: Lastly, the cytoplasm divides
There is now two new cells containing
exactly the same DNA ­ they're genetically
identical to each-other and to the parent
cell…read more


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