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B4: Homeostasis Revision Notes

Receptor: Detects change inside the body ­ a stimulus

Processing centre: This receives the information that there has been a change inside the body.

Effector: This produces an automatic response (reflex).

In an incubator

The temperature sensor is the receptor
The processing center is a thermostat…

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The amount of sweat produced varies with temperature and amount of exercise.

ADH is Anti Diuretic Hormone which controls the permeability of the tubules in the kidneys.

The human body keeps a steady internal environment. This must happen so that cells can work properly.
For example, body temperature and water…

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Kidneys filter urea, water, glucose and ions of salt out of your blood.

Blood cells or protein in a person's urine is a sign of kidney damage because it means that the kidneys
are not doing what they are meant to. This is because protein and blood cells are needed…


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