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Where did life on Earth come from?
All life on Earth ( including all extinct species) have
evolved from very simple living things.
Life began about 3500 million years ago.…read more

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Evidence for evolution
This evidence is from :
DNA evidence
The more similar the DNA
is, the more closely related
the living things are.…read more

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The first living things needed to be molecules that
could copy themselves ­ so offspring could be
Some scientists think these molecules formed on Earth
due to some extreme conditions at the time.
Other scientists believe these molecules came from
elsewhere in the universe via a meteorite / asteroid.…read more

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If at any time the conditions on Earth had been
different, then all living things would be different (
because all living things that survive are well adapted to
their environment)…read more

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This is the ways in which living things are different
from each other.
Variation can be caused by :
Genes (passes from parents to offspring)
Environment (changes during the organisms lifetime)
Most variations are due to BOTH
(height, weight, skin colour)…read more

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