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Keeping Healthy
W Richards
The Weald School…read more

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Microbes are micro organisms that can cause diseases. They
can enter the body in a number of ways:
They can be
breathed in
through the
mouth or nose
They can enter
through cuts or
...or other bites in the skin
openings...…read more

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Disease 08/13/2014
A disease is any condition where the body isn't working as it should. This
could be caused by a malfunction in the body (as with diabetes) or it could
be caused by a type of PATHOGEN (a microbe that causes disease):
Bacteria Viruses
· 1/1000th mm big · 1/1,000,000th mm big
· Living cells (some are harmless) · Genetic info inside a protein coat
· Grow very quickly · Not affected by antibiotics
· Affected by antibiotics · Release poisons
· Examples: food poisoning, · Examples: colds, flu, polio,
tetanus, sore throats chicken pox, HIV, bird flu…read more

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Fungi can also cause unwanted conditions. These conditions
can be treated with anti-fungal medicine and antibiotics.
Some examples (don't look if you're faint hearted!):…read more

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Microbes: our defence against them
Our bodies have five major defence mechanisms against
invading microbes:
The breathing
organs produce
The skin acts mucus to cover the
as a barrier lining of these
organs and trap the
Our stomachs produce microbes
hydrochloric acid
Our blood contains
If our skin is cut white blood cells
platelets seal the
wound by clotting…read more

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Fighting disease
If microbes enter our body they need to be
neutralised or killed. This is done by
White blood cells do 3 things:
1) They eat the microbe
2) They produce antibodies to
neutralise the microbe
3) The produce antitoxins to
neutralise the poisons produced
by microbes…read more

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