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B1E Drugs…read more

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Drug types
Type Effect Example
Depressants Slows the brain down Alcohol solvents
Stimulants Increases brain activity Nicotine, ecstasy ,caffeine
Painkillers Reduces pain Aspirin heroin
Performance enhancing Improved performance Anabolic steroids.
Hallucinogens Changes what you see and LSD cannabis
Stimulants and depressants act on synapses and the CNS
Depressants slow it down and stimulants speed it up…read more

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Drug classification
Class Example Penalties
A Heroine, cocaine, ecstasy Seven years in prison
and LSD
B Cannabis amphetamines 5 years in prison
C Prescribed drugs Minimum sentences
Arguments for classification Arguments against Classification
·Crime will go up so people can feed ·People should be able to choose
addictions ·Police waster recourses catching criminals
·People need protecting against themselves ·Legalised drugs could be regulated
·Softer drugs lead to harder ones ·Government could Tax them
·Drug use would increase ·Loses stigma so people can get help
·Accidents would increase ·Free needles could slow the speed of aids
·Cannabis can cause physiological disorders…read more

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Substances Effects
The drug nicotine Addictive
Tar Tar is an irritant and cancerous
Tiny particles Accumulate in the lungs causing emphysema and bronchitis
Carbon monoxide Combines irreversibly with haemoglobin reducing oxygen
amount carried by the red blood and can cause heart disease
Other chemicals Stop the cilia from working…read more

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Smoking diseases
The tracheas, bronchi and bronchioles are
lined with mucus to trap particles and the
cilia that transport it out of the lungs. In a
smoker this mucus doesn't move
The mucus causes the smokers cough and if
infected bronchitis, also it can cause the air
sacks to break down causing emphysema…read more

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Alcohol is poisonous drug which is removed
from the blood by the liver.
Over exposure to alcohol can cause cirrhosis
to the liver and damage to the brain and
nervous system.
It is measured in units
Drink Units
One pint of beer 2 units
A glass of wine 1 Units
A measure of a sprit 1 Unit
A small class of sherry or port 1 Unit…read more

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A useful set of slides on drugs and medicine that contain a set of basic information that is easy to access. Team this up with a good set of flashcards and a quiz to test your knowledge of this section.

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