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Chapter 7
Some revision notes to
supplement Learning Objectives…read more

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Scientists cannot be certain about
how life began on Earth
· Lack of enough valid and reliable evidence
· Evidence for early forms of life comes from
· but many early forms of life were soft-
bodied which means they left few traces
· What traces there were have been mainly
destroyed by geological activity…read more

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Why was Darwin's theory of natural
selection only gradually accepted?
· The theory of evolution by natural selection
undermines the idea that God made all the
animals and plants that live on Earth
· There was insufficient evidence at the time the
theory was published to convince many
· The mechanism of inheritance and variation was
not known until 50 years after the theory was
published…read more

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What are the differences between
Darwin's theory of evolution and
conflicting theories
· Other theories, such as Lamarck's, are
based mainly on the idea that changes
that occur to an organism during its
lifetime can be inherited
· This is not true
· We call these acquired characteristics…read more

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Suggest reasons why different
theories exist
· Scientists produce different hypotheses to
explain similar observations
· These hypotheses have to be investigated
· Data will either support or refute a
particular hypothesis…read more


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