Revision notes on Averages for Edexcel AS Maths/Statistics.

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Properties of an average:
1. Should be centrally placed
2. Should be sensitive to the data
3. Should respond well to algebraic manipulation
The mode The most common value(s) in the data
The mode is fairly sensitive to data, but it is not necessarily centrally
placed and it does not respond well to algebraic manipulation because it
does not have an algebraic formula.
The median The midpoint of the data when placed in order
The median is definitely centrally placed. It is quite sensitive to the data
but it is hard to manipulate it algebraically.
The mean (x)/n
The mean is the most useful measure of average. It is generally placed
fairly near to the centre, it is always sensitive to the data and it responds
well to algebraic manipulation because it has a simple formula.


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