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Definition- An act done without any control by the mind, such as a spasm, reflex, act or
convulsion, or an act done by a person who is not conscious of what he is doing such as an
act done whilst suffering from concussion or sleepwalking.

This covers both types…

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Self-induced Automatism

Where the defendant knows that what he does will bring on an automatic state. E.g. diabetic who
doesn't take insulin.

Name Details Meaning
Bailey (1983) Diabetic who didn't eat enough Court of Appeal held the ruling
after insulin. Became was wrong (but held the
aggressive and hit someone…

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3- The defendant doesn't know that there actions may lead to a
self-induced automatic state in which he may cause an offence. Not been
reckless so can use the defence of automatism.

Name Details Meaning
Hardie (1984) D was depressed as broke up The drug was intended to calm


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