Attitudes to food and eating behaviour essay plan/notes

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Eating Behaviour, Sheet 1 07/04/14
to food
A01: A02:
Mood: Low mood can either result in Study: A study of 300 pregnant
comfort eating (hyperphagia) or women in Finland reported that those
undereating (hypophagia). who ate chocolate regularly whilst
Ogden: Dieters who overeat in pregnant had given birth to happier
response to low mood do this to babies. This is due to a feel good
mask their negative mood chemical in chocolate known as
(dysphoria) with a temporary phenylethylamine. Chocolate
heightened mood induced by contains a variety of chemicals that
eating. could alter brain chemistry. BUT there
Carbohydratecraving are other foods with greater
syndrome: Certain people quantities of these chemicals and
experience an irresistible desire to they do not have the reputation of
consume sweet or starchy foods in improving moods.
response to a low mood state.
This triggers an improvement in
mood because people who crave
carbs prefer to eat foods rich in
carbs as a means of
selfmedicating their low moods.
Health Food choices and eating The data from this survey do not
concern behaviour are linked to health seem to match the data on childhood
s: because what and how much we obesity. Ogden: In the UK, in general,
eat may make us more or less children and adults do not eat a
likely to develop certain diseases healthy diet!
e.g. diabetes. Healthy eating is Obesity in children is now running at
associated with the prevention of 27% with 14% being classed as
chronic diseases. Research: 42% clinically obese.
of children have concerns about Verplanken et al: found that for some
foodrelated diseases and about people, unhealthy eating habits are

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Eating Behaviour, Sheet 1 07/04/14
various food issues relating to fat, associated with low selfesteem and
sugar, salt etc. 95% believed that the distress this creates. It is also
eating healthy food would make linked to a lack of exercise.
them healthier. Eysenck: states that obesity is far
more common in lower socio
economic groups.…read more


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