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What are attachments?
Attachment emotional tie or relationship between two people shown in their
Babies are helpless at birth need someone to care for them
Bond and attachment are different bond is a set of feelings that ties one person to
another, attachment involves two people
How can you tell two people have an
attachment to each other?
Maccoby (1980)
Seeking proximity try to be near each other
Distress on separation cry when caregiver leaves
Joy on reunion stop crying when caregiver returns
General orientation of behaviour towards each other interacting with each other

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How do babies form attachments?
Ethology study of animal behaviour; observe behaviour and link to how it would have
helped them survive in the past
Lorenz `imprinting' where some animals form rapid attachments to the first moving
thing they see after birth; critical period for animals e.g.…read more


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