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AS Biology
Biodiversity…read more

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What is biodiversity?
Biodiversity is a measure of how varied an ecosystem is. It can be measured in terms
of genes, species or habitats.
Genetic diversity is a measure of how many variations there are in the genetic
code between individuals of a particular species, or between different species.
Species diversity is a measure of how many different species are present in
an area, and how many individuals of these species there are.
Habitat diversity is a measure of how many different habitats are present in an
area.…read more

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What is a species?
Species diversity is most commonly used as a measure of the biodiversity of a particular
area. But what is a species?
A group of organisms that:
share common
morphological, physiological
and behavioural
can interbreed
produce fertile
offspring.…read more

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Different species can sometimes interbreed to produce hybrid offspring. The parent
organisms are still considered separate species because their offspring are infertile.
An example is the liger ­ the
infertile offspring of a male
lion and a female tiger.
Another example is the zonkey ­ the infertile offspring of a male zebra and a female
donkey.…read more

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What is a habitat?
Species diversity can be strongly affected by changes in species' habitat.
At the simplest level, a habitat is
the area in which a species lives.
However, it is better to describe
the habitat of a population of
A better explanation of a habitat is the range of physical, biological and environmental
factors within which a species can survive.…read more

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Habitats and communities
The habitats of different populations often overlap, so any one habitat usually
contains several species.
habitat of
oak trees
habitat of
habitat of
A community is all the populations of all the species within a particular habitat.…read more

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