AQA Physics Unit 3 - Electromagnetism

AQA Physics Unit 3 - Electromagnetism

The basic facts which you need to know for:




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1. Electrical Energy Kinetic 2. Kinetic Energy Electrical 3. Vp/Vs = Np/Ns
Energy Energy
Alternating Current (A.C) in the
Current passes through coil Coil cuts through the magnetic primary coil
Creates Magnetic Field (M.F) field Produces a changing magnetic
Interaction Between M.F & Field of This produces a changing M.F field
the magnet This allows a p.d to be induced Hence magnetic field in the
Produces force The slip rings & carbon brushes secondary coil
F.L.H Rule enable the coil to be connected Induces an alternating p.d across
Split Ring Commutator without twisting the secondary coil
(S.R.C Which ... Changes the Hence an A.C in the secondary
direction of the current every coil
half rotation, keeps coil rotating
in the same direction)
AQA Physics Unit 3 ­ All you need to know to answer questions on : - Motor Effect, Generator and Transformer


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