AQA Chemistry Unit C3- Tests for Positive Ions (cations) and negative ions (anions)

For AQA Triple science- Chemistry Unit C3. This powerpoint covers all you know about Cations and Anions.

This is suitable for any other specification but was done for AQA. The powerpoint covers test carried on cations, anions, flame tests for cations, testing for different gases and a sample exam style question.

Hope this helps with your chemistry exam

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Chemical tests
Cations+Anions…read more

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3- Cations
4- Cations continued
5- more Cations
6- tests for anions
7- anions continued
8- flame tests for Cations
9- tests to identify gases.
10- sample exam question
11- question continued
12- common exam style results table
13- identifying the Cation
14- identifying the anion
15- the substance…read more

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Cation Test Result
Aluminium Al3+ Add dilute NaOH White precipitate forms,
dissolves as more NaOH
solution is added
Ammonium NH4+ Add NaOH to the substance Ammonia gas is given off
and gently heat it…read more

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Cations continued
Iron ii Fe2+ Add NaOH to the substance Pale green precipitate is
Iron iii Fe3+ Add dilute NaOH Red brown precipitate is
formed…read more

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More cations
Calcium Ca2+ Flame test *or dilute NaOhWhite precipitate is
Copper ii Cu2+ Add dilute NaOH Pale blue precipitate is
Magnesium Mg2+ Add dilute NaOH to the White precipitate, does not
solution of the substance dissolve as more sodium
hydroxide is added (NaOH)…read more

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Tests for Anions
Name of Anion Test Results
Bromide Br- Add silver nitrate solution toPale yellow precipitate is
a solution of the substance formed, dissolves slightly in
in dilute nitric acid ammonia solution
Carbonate CO3 2- Add dilute hydrochloric acid Carbon dioxide gas is given
to the substance off…read more

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Very helpful, thanks!

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