AQA AS Business studies chpater 34-Developing effective operations- quality

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Chapter 34: Developing effective operations quality
Ensuring quality means making sure that products are made to a minimum standard or
better. The cost of doing this should be covered by extra sales.
What is quality?
Handmade items are often higher quality than mass produced items
Quality is about meeting the minimum standard required to satisfy customer
needs. High quality products meet the standards set by customers for
example, a high quality washingup liquid can claim that one squirt is sufficient to
clean a family's dirty plates after a meal. A poor quality washingup liquid
requires several squirts.
In many industries a quality standard is laid down by independent
organisations such as the British Standards Institution (BSI). Firms benefit by
adjusting the way they work to meet these standards. Businesses hope that the
cost of improving quality will be more than covered by extra sales.
How to ensure quality
Producing faulty goods incurs repair costs and damages the reputation of the
firm. There are two main approaches to achieving quality:
Mass produced items need to be checked for quality standards
Quality control where finished products are checked by inspectors to see if
they meet the set standard.

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Quality assurance where quality is built into the production process. For
example, all staff check all items at all stages of the production process for faults.
In this way everyone takes responsibility for delivering quality. Successful quality
assurance results in zero defect production.
Introducing quality assurance requires Total Quality Management (TQM), in
which managers try to bring about a change in business culture, convincing
employees to care about how products are being made and to do their part to
ensure standards are met.…read more

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Often not compatible with modern production systems
Quality assurance the process that ensure production quality meets the requirements of
How a business can design they way a product pr service is produced or
delivered tom minimise the chances that the output will be substandard
Focus of quality assurance is on the product design stage if the production is
reliable there is less need to inspect production output
Total quality management a management philosophy committed to focus of continuous
improvement of product and services with…read more


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