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Additional physics…read more

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Forces and
Motion…read more

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Velocity and Acceleration
Speed and velocity are how fast you're going and
are both measured in m/s (or km/h or mph)
Speed = how fast you're going
Velocity = how fast you are going and in which
Acceleration = how quickly the velocity changes
Acceleration (m/s²) = Change in
velocity (m/s)
Time taken (s)…read more

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Distance-Time graphs
Gradient = speed
Flat sections = stationary
Steeper = faster
Downhill sections = returning closer to its
starting point
Curves = steady acceleration or deceleration
Steepening curve = speeding up
Levelling off curve = slowing down…read more

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Velocity-Time graphs
Gradient = acceleration
Flat sections = constant speed
Uphill = acceleration
Downhill = deceleration
Steeper = greater acceleration or deceleration
Area under the graphs = the distance travelled
in that time
Curve = changing acceleration…read more

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Mass, Weight and Gravity
Gravity on Earth makes things accelerate
towards the ground at about 10m/s²
Mass = amount of stuff and is the same
anywhere in the universe
Weight = the pull of gravity on an object which
gives it a weight which is different in different
E.g. A 1kg object has a weight of 10N ON Earth
but on the Moon only about 1.6N
Weight (N) = Mass (kg) x Gravitational field strength
(N/kg)…read more

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